TOKYO MARUI Airsoft Rifle P90

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Manufacturer nr: 170842
Product information "TOKYO MARUI Airsoft Rifle P90"
-Total length: 504 mm
-Weight: 2,200 g (empty magazine, including battery)
-Power source: Mini S battery
-Number of bullets: 68
New category weapon born from NATO PDW project
Equipped with a dedicated dot site that can switch the brightness of the dot in two levels.
It is possible to perform high-precision sightings at night, daytime, indoors and outdoors.
It can be disassembled into 3 parts: the engine unit covered with a grip integrated stock, the dot site and the unitized barrel, and the magazine.
A 20 mm wide mount rail is installed on the right side of the site receiver that supports the dot site.
You can operate the selector with the finger that pulls the trigger as it is, and you can switch the firing mode without breaking the stance.
In addition, if the selector is in the full auto position, switching between semi auto and full auto is possible even at the trigger pull length.
It has 68 bullets and comes with a semi-transparent magazine lined with a 5.7 mm × 28 bullet dummy cartridge inside.
※ Please be sure to wear the shooting goggles. Be sure to follow the established rules and manners.
※ Please use genuine Tokyo Marui products for BB bullets and batteries.
[Set contents] P90 body, magazine (68 bullets), protective cap, site adjustment tool, hex wrench, charger, charging rod, cleaning rod, BB bullet (0.2g / 200 shots), etc
New category weapon born from NATO PDW project
Uniquely shaped P90 called violin. The electric guns were as realistic as possible with the compact design, such as the grip shape integrated with the stock and the magazine located on the top of the main body.
A full-fledged dot site is installed on the magazine where the dummy cartridge (ammunition) can flow. The site receiver (base) can be easily removed with each barrel, and a genuine takedown (reconstruction for maintenance) is also reproduced.
If you set the P-90 electric gun in practice, you will feel a sense of stability created by the form of ergonomics.
P90 Standard Electric Gun
The widespread use of the new material Kevlar body armor to prevent pistol bullets also reduced the strength of the HQ and rear units that protected themselves with submachine guns and handguns.
Therefore, the development of a new device with small size, light weight, and effective power for body armor "P.D.W. (Personal Defense Weapon) Project" was advanced by NATO.
Belgium's prestigious firearm maker FN determines that previous ammunition can not clear NATO's requirements. FN, which developed a new 5.7mm x 28 bullet with a large power and a low rebound reaction like a rifle bullet, announced in 1988 the PDW "P90" that uses this bullet. For the first time in 1997, the appearance of the first actual battle flowed to the world with the news, and the form and performance of the P90, which overturns common sense, made people sober.
-Equipped with variable hop-up system
-Full-auto (repeated) / Semi-auto (single-shot) switching type
-Total length 504 mm
-Gun height 247 mm
-Weight 2,200 g (empty magazine, including battery)
-Bullet 6 mm BB (0.2 to 0.28 g)
-Power source 8.4V NiMH 1300mAh mini S battery (※ 1)
-68 bullets
-Model No. P-90
-Sub machine gun / PDW
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